Sunday, 16 February 2014

My Valentine
I don’t  remember when I  met u
When  I  fell into love  , when  I gave my heart to u
But  one thing  I know that  u are the one ,
The only one I  have been searching ,
Since eternity………….
When  u are there to hold my hand
Why I fear to stumble,
Why I shiver  in pain n
Why  ever I feel alone
I often ask myself and ponder
If my love for you is pure or just an exaggeration.
Whatever it  may be
I offer myself to you,
With a total surrender .
Mold me again if you can
With a heart that is so pure
That I can love you once again
With hands which should only serve you
Eyes to see you only all around
And a mouth which s’ld  sing your glory only
Mold me my dear   and
Let Those captivating  eyes of yours enslave me
Forever and ever……because you are my valentine  KRISHNA  MYDEAR.

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