Sunday, 16 February 2014

My Valentine
I don’t  remember when I  met u
When  I  fell into love  , when  I gave my heart to u
But  one thing  I know that  u are the one ,
The only one I  have been searching ,
Since eternity………….
When  u are there to hold my hand
Why I fear to stumble,
Why I shiver  in pain n
Why  ever I feel alone
I often ask myself and ponder
If my love for you is pure or just an exaggeration.
Whatever it  may be
I offer myself to you,
With a total surrender .
Mold me again if you can
With a heart that is so pure
That I can love you once again
With hands which should only serve you
Eyes to see you only all around
And a mouth which s’ld  sing your glory only
Mold me my dear   and
Let Those captivating  eyes of yours enslave me
Forever and ever……because you are my valentine  KRISHNA  MYDEAR.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Panchuka AND the holy month of Kartika

As the Panchuka (the last five days of this Kartik month)starts or can say during this entire Kartik month  which is considered to be so auspicious, an aura of spirituality , austerity and divineness prevails with strong childhood memories . as soon as I wake up in the morning I miss all those  “muruja  jhoti” (designs made with rice powder and colours) which my mother used to make in front of TULASI CHAURA (holy basil) and all those designs included the holy faces of Lord  , swargadwara, and many characters from our hindu mythology as if representing  the whole Hinduism.  My child mind was so excited to see all those colors and was wandering around so many questions related to each of those characters. Then   we used to wait for noon for a satvik lunch(vegan meal without  garlic n onion) with habisha anna and dalma flavored with pure ghee . Evening  my mother used to lit “Akash deep(lamp/ lantern) for fore fathers……quite a holy and spiritual routine for entire month  and finally the “Boita bandana “(boat with a lamp was floated on flowing water”) on Kartik purnima. I  miss  all those moments which had such a strong impact on our upbringing…….
“Wish  you all A Happy Panchuka…….. …..Stay blessed”

Monday, 31 December 2012

The last journey (a tribute to delhi girl)

At last she finds solace
In the lap of mother nature
Finally  she rests peacefully
After so many struggles and a long trial.
Now on her final journey to the kingdom of God,
May be she finds a place where she can safely abode,
No one will ask her race religion or gender
Nor she will have to spend every moment with fear.
Yes  this is not a place where she wants to live,
Where she has to struggle every moment for existence,
In every walk of life she has to proof her significance,
She has to go through the “Test of Fire”(agni parikshya”) since ages,
Just to  retain her woman hood, only to be considered a HUMAN
Who has the same blood and flesh and also feels pain.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Today   18th of Nov Gouranga (My son) started walking independently . I was thrilled to see those tiny steps , that cute smile  filled with confidence  , how he was trying to rise up each time after  falling down  in between and continued his walk again………   


Time,! It never stops , neither pause for a while
However you try, it runs and runs …. on its own wheel.

Ask the patient who is yelling with pain,
The passenger who missed his last train,
For some time it runs so fast that , it falls too short
And when you want it  cut, it slows down to make you hurt.
Ask them all , a lots have to say,
But time cares none it goes on its way.

They say  , it goes on…. Yes,  it waits for none
Cease  a little , and it Leaves you behind to  realize ;
Oh! It’s too late…….now nothing can be done.

Time , how it plays special roles in lives !
More you try to hold…the more it slides .
Those couple in their early teens,
Madly in love with each other ,
Oh! How they long for the time to be paused
The world to be stopped ,
But it never happens……time never listens.

Ask those ailing patients ,
A family   outside the I.C.U ,
Walking down  the corridor, all  alarmed and frighten,
The  pregnant woman in labor,
 and a passenger waiting for the delayed plain
All  yelling out with pain
Pray for the time to pass by ,
Their wounds to heal and troubles to go away,
But time as if it slows and seems to be far away.
Yes we know there comes one day,
And every things shall pass away
But How we fool to understand it ,
Never let it go, and hold it tight
  Don’t turn back, just move on…
Nor you  lament ,as  this too shall pass away
“For , time never stops, it goes on…..
And  …yes, it waits for none”

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


The Desert speaks....
Have you ever heard ?
It cries, it laughs , it sings and it whispers...
But have you ever heard,have you ever paused to notice?
It roars , it cries her heart out on those windy days
Alas ! Ever do you try to pacify its anger?
It mourns , it sobs  in those  long  and lonely nights
Have you ever experienced its loneliness, its solitude ?
it welcomes you with open arms and its extended vastness
But have you ever considered  it as your friend?
it rejoices, it dresses  with the very first touch of the rain, yes those rare and few drops…of rains ..
But  do you ever feel overwhelmed to see its drenched look and that vibrant  attire ?
Oh! all those passer by …Please  stop for a while ;
Have a look,  hear, sing , smell, and exchange few words…..,
Wrap, adorn with your love, the barren and abandoned land
It’s waiting for your intense touch , TO BE TRANSFORMED……………….